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resHi, welcome here. My name is Jens Depuydt, living in Belgium, and have a long-time passion for everything that has to do with technology and IT. I have had this interest for as long as I can remember and even as a small child I was already fascinated by everything that had in one or another way some electrical wires. The hands-on started with breaking stuff and eventually I managed to put things back together (most of the time). This passion and interest resulted in tech-related studies and job.

Since the “usual” stuff couldn’t keep me excited anymore, I developed an extra interest in platforms that are less common and especially the interaction/communication between them. Previously, I was working as a mainframe, IBM System z, consultant for z/OS, z/VM and Linux on z. Later, I worked as a pure Linux system engineer tied to one company. Since I was missing some diversity and challenges, I’m currently working with a tech giant, helping people and teams to support products that are complex and in incubation phase. I figured that my daily struggles with technology and all that has to do with that could be interesting to share with the world.

Next to all the tech related stuff, I actually do real-life “normal” stuff as well. I’m married, have two daughters and like to spend time with them and with my friends. Besides that, I love drinking, err.. tasting, beer, can appreciate a proper slow cooked BBQ, like to listen to music and to compensate all that goodness life has to offer, I try to hit the gym when I can.

In case you think I could be of any help to you or you can point me out some nice, new technology, feel free to write me a message :)

You can also find me on:
– Twitter: @jensdepuydt
– GitHub: jensdepuydt
– LinkedIn: Jens Depuydt

5 thoughts on “About me

  1. omg…you are from Belgium! Hope you like Anheuser-Busch…my fave Beer!

    Your articles are awesome & as a student I learn a lot from your contribution(s)!!! Already clicked your Pub.

    I appreciate you sharing your knowledge and thank you Jens for your time!!!

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