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resHi, welcome here. My name is Jens Depuydt, living in Belgium, and have a long-time passion for everything that has to do with technology and IT. I have had this interest for as long as I can remember and even as a small child I was already fascinated by everything that had in one or another way some electrical wires. The hands-on started with breaking stuff and eventually I managed to put things back together (most of the time). This passion and interest resulted in tech-related studies and job.

Since the “usual” stuff couldn’t keep me excited anymore, I developed an extra interest in platforms that are less common and especially the interaction/communication between them. Previously, I was working as a mainframe, IBM System z, consultant for z/OS, z/VM and Linux on z. Later, I worked as a pure Linux system engineer tied to one company. Since I was missing some diversity and challenges, I’m currently working with a tech giant, helping people and teams to support products that are complex and in incubation phase. I figured that my daily struggles with technology and all that has to do with that could be interesting to share with the world.

Next to all the tech related stuff, I actually do real-life “normal” stuff as well. I’m married, have two daughters and like to spend time with them and with my friends. Besides that, I love drinking, err.. tasting, beer, can appreciate a proper slow cooked BBQ, like to listen to music and to compensate all that goodness life has to offer, I try to hit the gym when I can.

In case you think I could be of any help to you or you can point me out some nice, new technology, feel free to write me a message :)

You can also find me on:
– Twitter: @jensdepuydt
– GitHub: jensdepuydt
– LinkedIn: Jens Depuydt

10 thoughts on “About me

  1. omg…you are from Belgium! Hope you like Anheuser-Busch…my fave Beer!

    Your articles are awesome & as a student I learn a lot from your contribution(s)!!! Already clicked your Pub.

    I appreciate you sharing your knowledge and thank you Jens for your time!!!

  2. Dear Jensd,
    your earlier video to upgrade from windows 10 to windows 11 on unsupported hardware is quite good but when I follow your method to fix empty security issue, then receive following message
    0xc1900101-0x30018 error in first_boot phase during sysprep_specialize operation
    can you please help to solve this issue.
    Thanks and waiting your kind response

  3. Hi Jens,
    I have an iMac21,1 and I was tried install Win11 with you instructions “Install Windows 11 natively on Mac” but when I was tried to Restart with Option key pressed, it did not worked. Keep rebooting in iOS
    I would appreciate your help pleas.

    thank you in advance

  4. HI Jens
    thank you for your very helpful blog
    I spent a great time in Belgium a few years ago much enjoying tasting some of the fine beer!
    I am trying to use your instructions to install monterey on my 5,1 mac but am running into some issues when I try to hold down the option key on power-up and and can not get to the boot selector screen. I think the issue is because I am using an RX580 graphics card
    I would really love any help you can advise with this
    Many thanks

  5. Hello Jens,
    My name is Victor, from Brooklyn, New York USA. Before I continue I would like to thank you for your videos which by far, in hindsight of my research and efforts in putting together my first computer, are without question are the best!!! I was in desperate need of a good computer but due to the pandemic my finances would…
    And so I went looking through dumpsters and anywhere else you could imagine. Eventually I found a discarded Dell 9020 in the trash.
    Your methods are commendable. Straight to the point, clear and concise.
    I finally was able to narrow down why it wasn’t finding the Hard drive.
    A $5.00 USD Cable was missing.
    I have everything together now, it starts, but shuts off within seconds.
    I’ll play around with it and maybe I’ll locate what may be causing the shutdown. However, at your convenience if you or anyone else that may read about my current issue and has a suggestion, it will be greatly appreciated.
    Once again, thank you for it was through your videos that I currently have the extended knowledge of computers that I do.
    Wish you and yours, and everyone prosperity and abundance

  6. Hello, Jens) my name is Ksenia and im from Ukraine) thank you for your blog, I’ve been reading it for last year. i found it accidentally while was surfing how to solve my mac m1 issue about virtual windows) and i stayed here for a while ) next stem im going to try to set up win95 on mac m1 )))) it will be funny i guess).

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