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resHi, welcome here. My name is Jens Depuydt, living in Belgium, and have a long-time passion for everything that has to do with technology and IT. I have had this interest for as long as I can remember and even as a small child I was already fascinated by everything that had in one or another way some electrical wires. The hands-on started with breaking stuff and eventually I managed to put things back together (most of the time). This passion and interest resulted in tech-related studies and job.

Since the “usual” stuff couldn’t keep me excited anymore, I developed an extra interest in platforms that are less common and especially the interaction/communication between them. Previously, I was working as a mainframe, IBM System z, consultant for z/OS, z/VM and Linux on z. Later, I worked as a pure Linux system engineer tied to one company. Since I was missing some diversity and challenges, I’m currently working as a support engineer on cases and products that have no standard support. I figured that my daily struggles with technology and all that has to do with that could be interesting to share with the world.

Next to all the tech related stuff, I actually do real-life “normal” stuff as well. I’m married, have two daughters and like to spend time with them and with my friends. Besides that, I’m studying Russian, like to listen to music and if, after all of that, I find some more time, I like to go snowboarding.

In case you think I could be of any help to you or you can point me out some nice, new technology, feel free to write me a message :)

You can also find me on:
– Twitter: @jensdepuydt
– GitHub: jensdepuydt
– LinkedIn: Jens Depuydt

5 thoughts on “About me

  1. omg…you are from Belgium! Hope you like Anheuser-Busch…my fave Beer!

    Your articles are awesome & as a student I learn a lot from your contribution(s)!!! Already clicked your Pub.

    I appreciate you sharing your knowledge and thank you Jens for your time!!!

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